Monday, April 4, 2011

USA vs CANADA round 1

I know its been awhile since i posted and I apologize for that but with all my computer problems back!! Let me help you catch up with my last month of golf....chunky, thin, fat, good shots (not always in that order)!! Last week I switched to an overlap grip and have really been concentrating on turning through the shots and the range sessions have been way better. So I was super excited to put my talents on display in todays round of golf. Little did I know I was in for one of the best days on the golf course and I didnt hit many good shots till the last few holes. A few weeks ago I had seen that Canadian Tour Qschool was this week in Palm Springs at Desert Dunes golf course. Since my parents live close I figured I would come up and watch a couple of my twitter friends in action Bill Ranson (golferbill) and Todd Halpen (swinkeytodd). Unfortuneately niether ended up competing in the event but my trip was planned so Todd had mentioned we should play a round of golf. My first thought was "Ive never played golf with a pro!!" and my second thought was, "wow he has no idea how horrible my game is!!". Obviously when you have an opportunity to play a round with a tour player, you have to say yes and hope you dont have the worst round of your life. Im not sure if you've ever met someone in person that you've only talked to over the internet, but its kinda weird and nerve racking. What if this person isnt as cool in person as he is online, what if he smells, annoying, ect. Those are all things you have to think about when your gonna go spend 3 or 4 hours together. Luckily for me Todd was NONE of the above. Hes not only a great player, but he was super down to earth and willing to help me with all my faults during the round. I never realized how outta wack my alignment and setup was until Todd helped me straighten it out. We didnt score the round due to me not hitting a golf shot until the 15th hole, but I learned alot and am super excited to get out to the range tomm and work on all the things Todd told me today. But it wont just be another day at the range because now I have a Swinkey training aide ( . Its amazing how great it is for your game whether your a 20handicapper or a tour player. I cant wait to see how much my game improves and I will definitley be keeping you guys posted. I also became a huge fan of Kikkor golf shoes today ( The look is amazing and they are super comfy. Dont waste your money any more on shoes that are gonna kill your feet. Kikkor is the future of golf shoes!! One last thing I wanted to leave you with is the SAUCE PASS!!! ( If you are a hockey fan you know what im talking about. Leave it to these crazy canucks to come up with a way to bring hockey into golf. When you see it in person its amazing how good the results are when used correctly. Just goes to show that golfers that its not how you get there its how you finish. Check out this link and watch the SAUCE in action. I saw today on a couple of holes and Im now a believer!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where did the time go?

Wow its been so long since I've done a blog post I have a million things to talk about. Ive been having Internet issues at my house so I haven't been able to get online. I just wanna throw a shoutout to Time Warner Cable for all of your help.....NOT!!!

Anyways back to golf, I just had my 1 year anniversary of starting to play the game and I realize I'm way behind the level I thought I would be at and know I should be at. I thought for sure I would be down to 15 HC and be shooting low 80's regularly, but that's not the case. Ive had alot of time off these last 5 months and by alot i mean all the time off because I don't have a job!! I decided that the only way to get better at the game of golf is to take some lessons. You can read and watch instruction all you want but if your not out there with someone actually telling you what your doing right and wrong, then your not getting better. With that said I met a couple coaches on twitter that I wanted to work with. The 1st coach I met up with was @golfprotalk aka Robert. He is not a teacher anymore, but we started talking and some how I talked him into helping me with my game. He has a different style of teaching and is more about how you practice to get better then standing there holding your shoulder and head while you swing. So we worked on some putting drills and it has helped me so much already. I will write another post tomm and add some pics of the drills. The 2nd coach I met on twitter is @golferbill aka Bill Ranson I havent had a chance to work with him due to the fact he is about an hour away. But the coolest thing is he will be playing golf for 24hrs straight once he gets to 1500 followers. He will be doing this to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Along side Bill, @coachdayne aka Dayne Gingrich, and @mareonsmit167 aka Mareon Smit a top junior golfer. Make sure you guys support them on their mission and ill keep updating on their progress.

So besides swing coaches and practice coaches I have a few more thing I am going to be doing to get ready to push myself to my maximum ability. I am getting into the gym to get everything tight and work on my flexibility. I will also get fitted for new equipment so that I can get the most out of my swing. Last but not least I will be buying a Tour Striker club to help with my ball striking (so that I can practice when I'm not taking lessons) and a Swing Thought bracelet @swingthought ( If you have never heard of them you need to check them out. They are what powerbalance wishes they were. Don't take my word for it and check out their website. I will also be updating this blog more and will be posting more videos, pics, ect alot more.


P.S. Happy Holidays and a happy NEW YEAR!! Better late then never!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I need a sponsor

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend and ate alot of food. I was lucky enough to spend it with my beautiful GF and her family and they are all great cooks so you know I ate my fair share!! Even went to the range a couple of times this weekend, but didnt hit one ball straight at, but chipped it really well which made the practice sessions worth it.

On the Tuesday before the Holiday I got a call from a guy I played a round of golf with at Costa Mesa CC. He said they were having a little scramble and he needed a high handicapped player to join his 4 some. He said he knows I can play better then my *cough* 23 handicap and wanted to win some money. Since he was paying, it was a free roll for me and of course I agreed to play. I had a good front 9 for me and shot a 45 which had us a little ahead in the $$ column. When we started the back 9, something happened and I forgot I was golfing and shot a whopping 59 which lead my partner to end up paying out 23.50 for me....WHOOPS!! I apologized and expected to get punched in the face, but instead my partner was happy and said "next week your playing again and this time play for reals".....HUH??? I said " yea i was just messing with them"!! So long story short, next time I have to atleast hit my handicap or ill never be invited back!!

One last thing, I saw that Wilson golfs twitter (@wilsongolf) posted something about
a gentleman who has a site called which follows his journey from new golfer to become a scratch golfer in 1 year. Mind you I started this blog 2 months ago and just started following this guy last week, so for those that say I copied his idea im obv not that smart (read on to see why). Its pretty cool to see that I have great ideas, but im just to lazy or slow or both to get them out there. He got sponsored by Wilson Golf and a few other brands to help him along on his journey...WTF?? I think its awesome what hes done, but it got me thinking, Im a marketing guy why didnt I think of this (maybe thats why im unemployed)?? Either way you guys should definitely check out his site for a good read.

So the moral of this post is.....
Gambling on the golf course is only fun when your A. really good or B. its somebody elses money!! So either go practice or become friends w/ the best golfers at your club who like to drink whiskey!!! I myself will be at the range and putting greens for a few hours before heading to the clubhouse bar to drink with my friends!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Clubs.....New swing??

This past weekend I headed over to the Roger Dunn store in Santa Ana and was surprised to see that the entire store was 20% off, so instead of picking up a sleeve of golf balls, I walked out with a new set of irons. The set I picked up was a set of Srixon I-701's and I have to say ive never struck the golf ball so solidly, but during my 1st session using the new clubs something happened and my swing ended up looking like this!! I played a round of golf yesterday and i stop scoring after the 13th hole!! It was that BAD!!

So today I decided to go to the range today to see if I could fix my problem and also the apt shut our water off for a few hours today because of a broken water heater and I needed to use the restroom (damn taco bell)!! When I hit my first ball I just kept saying head down, soft grip, hit through the ball, dont fall, ect!! Low and behold I hit the best shot ive hit in a long time and from there it was money. Im hitting it longer and straighter then I ever have before and the swing looked good enough for a gentlemen (obv very intellegent and a golf aficiando) asked my opinion on his swing. Obv I have my own issues and dont know anything about technique, so of course I accepted and told him "keep your head down and drink 2 four lokos every night!!" Hopefully he doesnt hurt himself tonight!! I appreciate whoever traded in brand new Srixon I-701's with brand new golf pride grips which enabled me to get them for a whopping $125!! Gotta love rich Orange County golfers.

Oh btw my beautiful and talented gf bought a set of clubs and now she can be my new golf buddy. My only advice to you is keep your head down and drink Four Loko every night!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For those of you who know me, know that I have lived a very interesting and fun life. I grew up the middle child of 3 to a single mother. Due to a dead beat dad and career opportunity for mom, I ended up growing up in Las Vegas, which has made me the person I am today. Ive had alot of different jobs/opportunities in my life that have given me the chance to travel all over the world and experience things no 1 man should have seen!! Since there are too many to name, heres a few of my favorites...
-ran the biggest rollerblading company in the world USD skates
-sideline reporter for a major action sports television show
-producer at VH1 (all the reality shows you love to hate)
-personal assistant/road manager for a major recording artist (ill leave the name out so this person isnt embarrassed of my golf game)
marketeer for Puma, Stussy, Grenade Gloves, ect

With that being said now to the reason were all here!! I didnt pick up a golf club until Jan 3rd, 2010. My friend Chris Haffey invited me to go to the driving range with him which sounded like a great way to get drunk and learn the "Happy Gilmore" swing. What I didnt know was, this day would change my life. After hitting a bucket of balls, I couldnt wait to hit the next shot. Although I hit 1 out of 10 straight, I had the fever. Working such crazy hours at the record label didnt leave me much time to pursue the game of golf, but that all changed this summer. I left the company in Aug and had nothing to do but look for my next adventure and of course play golf. Since August I have been fortunate enough to play golf as much as I could handle (or I should say as much as my wallet could handle) and build my passion to be a SCRATCH golfer. Ive shot 90 twice and 91 once which was a great feeling, but my next enemy is breaking 90. Stay tuned for another update tomm night as I will be playing a round at Costa Mesa Country Club, Los Lagos Course. Let the chase for 89 start now. Welcome to mylife!!!